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Typical SMSF Investments

Your self-managed super fund can invest in any type of investment that is permitted by the super law and its trust deed. The range of investments, that you can consider for your SMSF, typically includes anything you can invest in as an individual. Some prime examples are:

  1. Direct investments – shares, term deposits, bank accounts.
  2. Direct property – residential houses, units, townhouses, villas, and commercial property such as shops, warehouses, offices, factories/industrial units and land. Overseas property investments are also possible.
  3. Managed funds – retail or wholesale, domestic and international, via external providers such as fund managers and wrap accounts.
  4. Private companies.
  5. Private unit trusts – including indirect property trusts.
  6. A business and business real property – typical examples include a taxi licence, rural property and machinery.
  7. Non-traditional assets such as coins, gold, antiques and art.

For some non-traditional investments, strict rules apply. If you choose to purchase gold and art, then they must be stored in a secure offsite facility, and be adequately insured in the name of the fund.
If you are concerned with whether or not you can purchase a proposed investment inside your SMSF, we can assist you in understanding the rules and your obligations. Call us today on 07 3394 4611 to discuss your options.

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