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Transfer your existing SMSF – COST AND HASSLE FREE!

Transfer your existing SMSF to us – the entire process is free!

Source-Accounting-Business-servicesAt Source Accounting, we offer free services to all new clients!  This is one of the benefits of joining our client network.  Once you make the decision to transfer the Accounting responsibilities to us, we will coordinate the entire process, absolutely free!

Our one-hour free consultation, accessible to all new clients, allows both of us to decide if we are a good fit. If you are happy with our proposal and decide to proceed with the transitioning, we will make contact with your old accountant via an ‘Ethical Letter’ advising them that we will be handling your affairs going forward. A checklist of necessary documents for transitioning will be prepared by us so you can easily arrange for them to collated and forwarded to our office.

In all instances, we will be in touch with your previous Accountant to arrange for the handover of important SMSF records.  We will then make these SMSF records available to you.