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Why us

Source-Accounting-servicesIf you are here on our website reading this then you are probably unhappy/not satisfied with your current accountant. *When thinking about whether you have found the right/considering a new accountant, you should ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Is my accountant available when I need them?
  2. Does my accountant return my phone calls promptly?
  3. Does my work tax report take months to get finalised?
  4. Is my work always completed close to the due date for lodgement even though I have provided the required information to my accountant early every year?
  5. I am not sure whether my accountant understands super funds. They never provide me with up-to-date and relevant knowledge on SMSFs. I hear of all these changes coming up, so why doesn’t my accountant update me?
  6. I don’t understand my SMSF administration fees. The value of my fund hasn’t improved yet my fees just keep going up every year. Why?

If these questions are always in the back of your mind and your gut feeling is that something is just not quite right, then you have come to the right place!