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Moving your SMSF

Many trustees are unhappy with their current SMSF provider, yet hesitate to take the leap and find someone new to assist them with their super fund. There are a variety of reasons – and we have heard them all before. They include:

  1. It’s too hard

    At Source Accounting, we make it as simple as possible. All you need to do is sign one form, and we take care of the rest. It’s easy and convenient, the way it should be. We do this free-of-charge so that you can get on with the real business of managing your SMSF

  2. My current adviser/accountant says I cannot have an SMSF unless they look after it.

    This is incorrect, and there is no truth to this whatsoever. If you are currently with an accountant or financial adviser who has told you that you cannot move your SMSF administration to another firm, then get a second opinion from a third party.

  3. It takes too long.

    We guarantee that we will have your SMSF moved across in no time – with the document handover process taking between 7 to 14 days to process.

  4. I have no time.

    You don’t need to make time. We will invest on your behalf! As a sign of good faith, we will not charge you any additional fees, provided that you sign our engagement letter and appoint us as the fund’s accountant.


Transferring your self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF) annual administration from your current service provider to Source Accounting is very easy and smooth process.

Once you have decided to appoint us, you will need to sign an engagement letter to appoint us as your accountant, and a letter to your current accountant advising them that you are moving on. We will then co-ordinate the handover of fund records on your behalf.

There are no additional charges involved in transferring your fund from your current service provider to Source Accounting. In many cases, your previous accountant may try to charge you a fee for providing you with records. So it is best to check your files, and when you contact them, ensure you have the following documentation – before we send our request for the transfer of your business records:

  • Last set of financial statements prepared.
  • Members statements.
  • List of investments and cost history at 30 June.
  • Last tax return lodged.
  • Last signed audit report issued.
  • Trust deed.
  • Membership applications.
  • Minutes.

When you transfer your SMSF and appoint Source Accounting, we guarantee that:

  • You won’t pay a dollar more than the fee we quote you.
  • Our packages include one fee for a complete service that includes financial statements, tax returns and an audit by a separate independent auditor.
  • There are absolutely no investment restrictions – you can keep your existing broker, bank account and financial adviser if you prefer.
  • We do not directly access your bank accounts, however, we do provide a free data feed service that you can sign up to, so that we can maintain your SMSF transactions on a day-to-day basis. This is a free option.

If you have any questions relating to transferring your annual administration to us, please call us on 07 3394 4600 any time. Unlike traditional accounting firms, we do not charge for phone calls or emails. We are available to you at anytime of the day.

If you are ready to appoint Source Accounting to look after your SMSF compliance, or would like to find out more information, you are welcome to contact us on (07) 3394 4622.